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July 25, 2022

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Explained

All truckers need trucking insurance. However, the thing about basic coverage is that it might only apply while you operate on official business. What do you do the rest of the time? What coverage will apply when you drive your truck during your off-hours?

Truckers who plan to use their trucks for personal reasons need to ensure that they carry non-trucking liability insurance. Coverage applies to personal use of trucks for a simple reason—security. With this coverage, you can reduce your personal cost burden if accidents happen.

What’s Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

Drivers, truckers especially, need auto liability insurance. This coverage applies to the harm that the insured person causes to other parties.

Some states call liability insurance, at-fault driver coverage. So, if an accident is your fault, you might have to pay for the damage that you cause other drivers, pedestrians or properties. Liability coverage is the part of your auto insurance that helps you do so.

Truckers, specifically, need commercial trucker liability insurance. However, there’s a catch.

Many trucking liability insurance policies will not cover accidents that occur during the personal use of a commercial vehicle. So, if you are driving your truck on official dispatch, coverage will apply. However, if you drive the truck in your free time, such as to run errands, then you might have no protection.

To get that coverage, you will likely need non-trucking liability insurance. When you leave work, and go on personal time, then this coverage will kick in. So, if you hit another car while on errands in your cab, then this coverage can help you pay for the other driver’s losses.

Often, trucking companies require their drivers to carry this coverage. That’s because, even when you aren’t working, you still pose a risk to the business through your driving liabilities. You also pose a risk to yourself. This coverage can help you pay for the related losses.

Don’t Forget Bobtail Insurance as Well

Besides non-trucking liability insurance alone, you will probably need to see if your policy will include bobtail insurance. This coverage will apply if you ever drive your truck without a trailer attached. Keep in mind, however, that bobtail coverage alone will not give you non-trucking liability insurance.

Therefore, your trucking insurance as a package will likely include several types of liability insurance which can each apply in unique situations. To effectively cover yourself, talk both to your operating company and to your insurance company. You’ll probably have to get required coverage, but you can expand your policy in beneficial ways also.

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